Want Even More Marketing Power?
Now that you're live on the web, how are you going to start pulling business into your site? Search engine registration, banner ads and other marketing tools can help boost your business!
Search Engine Registration
Registering your website with different search engines is the best way to make sure people searching for your product or service can find you on the web. But, it simply isn't enough to register just once. It takes time and some work (web analysis- that's our job) to get your site to appear at the top of search lists.

Host Designs offers three options for registering your website with search engines that will boost your site's visibility on the web - and bring more and more prospects to your 'virtual storefront'.

High Visibility Option: With this option, included FREE for all customers who host a site with us, Host Designs automatically registers your website with over 500 search engines and key search sites.
-- Want to take advantage of this valuable service, even if we don't host your site? Simply sign up for our High Visibility Option - only $39.95.

Maximum Visibility Option: Our Maximum Visibility Option will put us to work analyzing your home page, with specialized software, to make sure it draws visitors interested specifically in what you are promoting. Then we modify your page to tailor it to the keywords and description you specify. Once the modification is complete, we register your site with the major search engines. One month after the initial registration, we proceed with our High Visibility Option guaranteeing maximum visibility and high search engine registration. Sign up, only $99.95.

Managed Marketing: Our Managed Site Marketing provides you with an all inclusive marketing package. We start by analyzing your site to make sure it contains optimum search engine code. We then modify your site to help it obtain better ranking. Once this is complete, we register your site with the major search engines. On an ongoing basis, we then manage your search engine markeing strategy, including pay per click advertising on Google and Yahoo. We manage your keywords and make necessary modifications to insure visibility to your site. We also provide tracking software to provide you with reports on your progress. $199.95/month.

Banner Ads
Banner advertisements, placed in key places on the web, are another effective way to spread your marketing message. with your specifications for a banner ad and we'll take it from there. Start attracting people to your website today!

See what some of our customers have to say about us:

Dear Host Designs:
I just wanted to take a minute and tell you how pleased I have been with your services!  Not only did you do a great job programming my site, but not once has it gone down or had any problems.  Most importantly, I have gotten many, many orders with satisfied customers who all been equally happy with my site!
Thanks again, for the great personalized and professional service!

Aaron B.

Dear Host Designs,

We are so happy with our site maintenence. Your staff is sincerely a pleasure to work with. Thanks for always being willing to update our site when we need it.

You're Great!
Jeremy G.
Chicago, IL

Host Designs is ready to help you get the most out of the web - right now. to get the web working for you.
High Visibility
Maximum Visibility
Managed Marketing
Need to get your site registered with search engines but you don't host with us? We'll register your site with over 500 major search engines and sites for one payment of $39.95.

Would you like help making your site search-engine friendly and getting it registered in the right places? We will modify your site with keywords and descriptions and then will register it with the major search engines. In one month we follow up with our high visibility registration for maximum visibility. The cost for this option is only $99.95.

Would you like help managing your online marketing strategy? We modify your site and submit it to the search engines. We monitor the progress and continually work to improve performance. We manage your online cost per click marketing with Google and Yahoo. We also provide you with tracking software so you can check your results at anytime. $199.95/month.

Here are some tools that we have found effective for customers who want to market themselves online. An easy way to do this is by using the cost per click advertising on search engines such as Google. For more indepth analysis, you can purchase WebPosition Gold, which will help you track, submit, and analyze your site with all the major search engines.